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Saturday, 19 May 2012

My life as a degree student!

Wake up not really early in the morning, usually at 6.20 a.m. because I loved to snooze my alarm that supposed to wake me up at 6.00 a.m. My bad, I loved sleep very much that I hardly wake up early. Then, go to the toilet at the kitchen (preferred this squatting toilet because I do not like sitting toilet). After that, taking shower in another toilet in my room that I shared with another room, the toilet (with sitting bowl) in between the two rooms at the back.  Perform Subuh prayer and then iron my baju kurung only if I do not iron it at the night before I sleep. Next, getting ready to go to campus, choose the notes or books that should be brought to class. Only then, open the grills but usually my friend will open it first. After that, off to campus with my housemate 's car (we shared the cost for fuel).

We usually reached the parking lot by the time 7.50 a.m. and then walk from the front parking lot to the class at the back. Take about 7 minutes or 10 minutes to reach depends on the speed of walking. Alhamdulillah so far I rarely coming late to class, most of my lectures start at 8.00 a.m. Few classes finish at 12.00 noon and few classes end at 1.00 p.m. Then, I will having my lunch as well as my breakfast; branch at cafetaria with my friends. The foods are good and delicious, so I enjoyed my meal and have lots of rice portion to provide the energy for the rest of the evening. hehehehe... Then go to mosque to perform Zuhur prayer.

I walk back to academic block at 1.50 p.m as my lecture start at 2.10 p.m or when straight to laboratory building if there is laboratory session that day. Usually I will do experiment on Monday and Wednesday only. Most of my classes finish at 6.00 p.m except for Monday the experiment/ lab session will finish at 5.00 p.m but might also be till 6.00 p.m depends on the procedure of experiment. In the evening, I ride van to go home if my housemate finish her class earlier. At home, I will wash my face and refresh myself with ablution and perform the Asar prayer. Only then, I eat the food I bought before going home or meals prepared by my other housemates or eat at the not exactly mamak or restaurant; kedai makan. But sometimes if I was too hungry I will cook instant noodle and eat it before perform prayer.

On Monday and Tuesday I will have night class that start at 8.10 p.m till 10.00 p.m so I will call the van driver to fetch me at home and send me to campus, the fee cost me only RM 1. That uncle is so nice and kindhearted. After class I ride van or bus to go home. If I take the bus, I need to walk for about 2 minutes from the junction to my house but can save my money and if I take the van that uncle will send me right in front of my gate. Sometimes I ride the bus because I do not want to burden that uncle to come and fetch me since lately there is no more student who will ride on his van as many students use have their own transports such as motorcycle or car. Not to mention, the number of students who used van as their transport decrease as the diploma session and degree session is not same as before. At this moment diploma students are on their semester break.

Life is so busy that sometimes I do not really have time to do some revision. My night spent with assignments and reports that need to be submitted. Plus I am a person who will not push myself hard, if I feel tired I will stop doing my job and take a rest. So, it takes few times to finish up things. In my opinion, there is no use if you put too much burden to yourself in doing something because it will resulted something that have no good at all. So, I am preferred taking my time in doing my homework. However, I still follow the due date of submission, my lecturers are strict and will not tolerate with person that send the tasks late. 

Late = marks deducted

My weekend usually was not really a holiday time as sometimes I have replacement class or program to attend. sigh~ hmmmm and also need to do homework. A student is not a student when he/she does not have to do homework/revision! Tidak boleh tidak buku dan pelajaran adalah teman baik seorang pelajar.

p/s: My bad, I am not a English teacher or grammar expertise as well as not a TESL student.. I'm someone who are still in learning process... and I don't get band 6 for my MUET.. he3.. peace!

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